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Please enjoy a relaxing walk through our lovely gardens.

This commendation plaque was awarded to Pat C and myself in the year 2000 by the KESAB Tidy Towns program. It was in recognition and appreciation of our efforts in creating the beautiful garden areas around our home.

This conservatory has a tropical feel and serves to remind Pat C and myself of the many years we have spent in the tropical areas of Australia, Asia and the South Pacific.

A cooler area filled with ferns and water loving plants. There is also a small fish pond to add to the peaceful atmosphere.
Another view of the cooler fern house and fish pond area which is located adjacent to the Lizard house.
This area can be used in any weather conditions and boasts a rotary spit, barbecue and open gas cooking facilities.
This recently added feature to the Tuscany wall area includes a trickling fountain which adds to the relaxing atmosphere.
The rather scary lions head which is another feature of the Tuscany wall located in the sun filled open garden area.
At the other end of our open sun filled area we have a feature in the form of a mermaid fountain. The trickle of water is very relaxing.
Under the giant maiden hair fern in the background is nestled a small pool which is home to our pet axolotl (Mexican walking fish).
Adjacent to the conservatory and fern house area we have a large entertainment room. It is in here that I have entertained at many functions for my friends and have at times, raised money for charity.
Our entertainment area is located alongside the barbecue and rotary spit. The décor is made up from various artifacts, paintings and carvings that Pat C and I have accumulated over many years of travelling throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, India and the Pacific Islands of Fiji, Samoa and the Kingdom of Tonga.
These are our two pet bearded dragon lizards who we have affectionately named Liz and Zard.
These are our two pet axolotl who we have affectionately named Axel and Lottle.




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