(Project Manager-Adventurer-Author-Singer-Songwriter-Guest Speaker)

Graeme Clarke – Guest Speaker

Graeme has led an extremely diversified and colourful life. His vast and diverse experience extends from that of being a Project Manager in several foreign countries to that of being an itinerant entertainer touring greater Australia. His real life tales and adventures will have you laughing and shaking your head in disbelief, but always, you will be totally entertained.

Graeme has three separate presentations each based on the subject matter from each of his three books. Each presentation is a stand alone unique presentation and takes about an hour to present. Each presentation also contains a couple of songs from Graeme’s CD’s which he does actually sing live.

This presentation is based on a three year window in Graeme’s life where he took time out from the construction industry and toured Australia an itinerant entertainer. During this period Graeme wrote and recorded many songs.

One of Graeme’s songs titled ‘Tender Trap’ climbed to No.9 on the Country Charts in 1985. Another of Graeme’s own songs titled ‘Livin Down Under’ was released worldwide in 2005 on a compilation CD. This presentation is packed with real life escapades a little mischief and loads of entertainment.

This presentation is based on a three year window in Graeme’s life where he and his wife relocated to Papua New Guinea. Graeme had returned to his profession as a Project Manager and was charged with managing a multi-million dollar international airport redevelopment project in Port Moresby.

During this period Graeme also ventured to Asia and India in the course of his employment. This presentation is packed with real life situations that Graeme and his wife experienced during their sojourn which was fraught with danger, riots, murder and mayhem.

This presentation is also based on a three year window in Graeme’s life where he and his wife relocated first to Samoa then to New Zealand and finally to the Kingdom of Tonga. Graeme was charged with the management of another airport upgrade, the design/build of the electrical component on a large timber mill and also the construction of four power stations on four remote islands in the Tongan archipelago of Ha’apai.

This presentation will certainly have you shaking your head in disbelief. It is packed with sheer frustration and amazing tales of achievement under horrendous and extremely dangerous, conditions.

Graeme is available to Clubs and other organisations as a Guest Speaker at an extremely reasonable cost. The only cost involved would be the nett recovery of travel and/or mileage costs plus accommodation expenses for himself and his wife. Graeme would also want to be able to display and have for sale, his three books and two music CD’s.

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