A section of the the road from Apia to Faleolo Airport in Samoa. The gardens and landscaping done by the homeowners is a credit to them.

This dresser is an example of the magnificent sculptured swamp kauri furniture that is available at the kauri factory a few kilometres out of Kaitaia in New Zealand.


This is a photo of me holding a ceremonial cushion and handing a pair of scissors over to the Princess of Tonga so she can cut the ribbon across the door of the Ha’afeva Power Station building. Note the King of Tonga sitting in the Royal Tent in the background.

The King of Tonga making a speech at the Ha’afeva Power Station opening ceremony.

A photo opportunity of me with the Princess of Tonga and the Minister of Police Mr Clive Edwards. Mr Edwards was also the Chairman of the Ha’apai Development Committee.

Adjacent to the conservatory and fern house area we have a large entertainment room. It is in here that I have entertained at many functions for my friends and have at times, raised money for charity.

This is Pat C with her class that she used to give reading lessons to at a local Catholic School in Nuku’alofa.

An example of some locally grown Black Pearls still in the oyster shell.

The onset of cyclone Erica. I was battened down in Pangai for a few days while this cyclone passed over. At the height of the storm the yard became flooded with about half a metre of water. One can’t do much but sit out these cyclones.


A tapa cloth made from beating tree bark into a parchment. This particular cloth depicts the Ha’apai Islands archipelago, just north of the main Tongatapu group.


A carved lantern made by one of the local carvers in a handcraft shp located in Nuku’alofa.