Being stranded on a small island or stuck fast on a partially submerged coral reef in the middle of a cold dark night is not just ‘story book’ adventure. In the author’s experience, these scenarios were for real.

The unrelenting fury of the ocean during cyclonic conditions was only one of the extremely dangerous situations that the author had to contend with on several occasions.

Graeme was once again confronted with a few more rather difficult challenges. This time it was the charge of helping to re-furbish an airport in Samoa to the challenge of establishing power stations on four remote islands of the Ha’apai archipelago in the Kingdom of Tonga

Having to rely on unreliable World War Two landing barges and the most un-seaworthy locally made wooden boats caused many headaches and frustrations.

These adventures and tales will have you, the reader, shaking your head in total disbelief.