This table was carved by my Papua New Guinean friend Robert. The design is based on the Papua New Guinea ‘STORY BOARD’ which is totally identifiable with the PNG people. It was carved in the northern town of Madang during 1997.

An aerial view of Jacksons International Airport Reconstruction. Early 1997.


My crew that I employed to carry out the electrical installation on the Jacksons Airport Project. Late 1997.

Note in the next three pictures the bullet holes in my car after it was stolen by bank robbers and subsequently shot up by the PNG police.

These two figures are typical of the way the Papua New Guineans see themselves. These are basically self portraits carved from a solid piece of native timber. The Papua New Guineans are exellent wood carvers.

These picturesque three dimensional creations are made from a base product of mud and sticks. As I said previously the Papua New Guineans are extremely clever with their hands and can produce carvings, paintings and weavings with the greatest of skill.

This painting of the Bird of Paradise was presented to us by our Haus Meri – Nancy, on the day we left Papua New Guinea.

A collection of a bow and various types of arrows complete with a native head decoration. Bows and arrows are still used to this day by the PNG warriors and also by guards that have been hired to stand guard at the many establishments that are frequented by expatriots. The latter word is given to the resident population of european people who live and work in Papua New Guinea.

These two axes are actual weapons as used by the Papua New Guinea warriors when they are in hand to hand conflict. Tribal disagreements and skirmishes are still very prevelant in the highlands of PNG.

A typical carving of the native Bird of Paradise. This particular carving was done by a young lad in the northern town of Madang.