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Brief Biography for Graeme Clarke

Born in NZ Graeme arrived in Australia in 1980 to take up a 2 year contract in the NSW Electrical Industry but remained in Australia and become a citizen in 1992.

Graeme pursued his musical hobby entertaining around the Newcastle/Sydney area before deciding to go professional, record an LP album titled “Graeme Clarke Sings Your Favourites” and single titled “Tender Trap” / “Darling on Your Way Out Close the Door” and move further afield by touring greater Australia.

During his sojourn in Brisbane, Graeme’s song titled “Tender Trap” climbed to No. 9 on the 4KQ Country charts in Sep. 1985. It was also included in the top 100 songs for 1985 and placed into the Golden Oldie song list where apparently it will stay for all time. In 1988 Graeme returned to his electrical profession for a 15 year period managing projects in several overseas countries before returning to South Australia to retire in a little place called North Beach.

It was here he picked up on his musical hobby, wrote 7 songs and released a 14 track CD album titled “Footprints in the Sand at Wallaroo” This CD proved extremely popular selling around 1500 copies so he did a follow up 14 track CD titled “One For the Road” which contained 4 more songs penned by Graeme.

To add to his entertainment stable Graeme wrote and published three books. Book one of his trilogy “Pacifica and Beyond” is titled “Trail of the Tender Trap” and is an anecdotal account of Graeme’s Australian tour as an itinerant entertainer.

Not satisfied with only having three albums Graeme worked with Vaughn Lofstead from the “Smoke House Studio” in Nashville and put together a string of old classics. He teamed up with Heather Johnson, a local singer, and produced “Boots Things and Golden Rings” the title reflecting some of the song titles.

Graeme’s latest effort is a COUNTRY CROSSOVER CD is simply titled “HELL & BACK” This CD was created and recorded entirely in Adelaide SA with the exception of two tracks brought forward off his previous album which were recorded and mastered in Nashville TN.

“Country Club” made No.1 on the European Country Music Charts in Jan. 2014, “Just Call Me Lonesome” made No.1 on the International Mainstream Country Music Chart in Mar. 2017 and “Baby Are You Getting Tired of Me” climbed to No.1 in Nov. 2017.

“Hell and Back” the album’s title song, also had international success making No.11 on the Country Music Internet Top 30 Indie Chart in Apl. 2017 receiving over 600 spins a week.

In October 2017 Graeme was voted No. 23 on the Top 200 International Artists keeping good company with many world famous artists such as Dwight Yoakam, Willie Nelson, Shania Twain, Jade Hurley, plus 196 others including Johnny Cash who was voted No.1. This chart was based on actual International Radio airplay for this particular month taken from a base of 3000 songs played by participating radio stations.

Graeme has recently released a 26 track “The Very Best Of” CD which contains all of his most successful songs as well as many of his other most popular songs.
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